Philosophy of Willy Wagtail Kindergarten

Children are individuals that if provided with unique opportunities and experiences that are guided by intentional teaching practices it will enable them to explore, discover and grow. This allows children to acquire skills, knowledge, attitudes and sensitivities that enable them to make the most of their full potential.

We believe:
  • a philosophy underpins everything we do as educators and as such it should be a living document that is reviewed regularly

  • that the environment is the third teacher and should be presented to the children to engage the senses, stimulate curiosity, and encourage active exploration

  • that learning experiences offered to the children should be drawn from a variety of methods. These would include observation of children’s needs and interests, spontaneous happenings, and forward planning

  • that a play based open learning environment that is supported through intentional teaching ensures children becoming competent and confident learners

  • relationships are key and are committed to building meaningful relationships based on trust and respect with the children, families and educators. We aim to work with the wider community, as well as with families, to gain knowledge of the children in our care in order to give them a sense of belonging

  • The Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Framework underpin our teaching methods through the use of reflective practices

  • in educators that are committed and passionate about children and early childhood education

  • in creating a better world for our future through promoting sustainability by considering environmental issues such as conservation of water and recycling. Educators and children consider alternative uses for materials rather than discarding them

  • the rights and best interests of the child are paramount and implement an inclusive approach to positively support children’s growth of identity, self-esteem and critical thinking