At Willy Wagtails Kindergarten our centre is accredited to the highest possible standard. Our staff are selected for their passion in early childhood education as well their caring nature and experience in the field. We value strong communication between all families and staff we operate an open door policy encouraging parents as partners. By working together we strive to achieve a learning environment that is optimal for your child. We are committed to providing affordable, quality childcare for all families in the Yamba region and are constantly striving to achieve this.

The Program

The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia "Belonging, Being and Becoming" is the foundation of our program. We believe in learning through play as the basis of our curriculum. Through this children are able to develop a:
  • love of learning
  • sense of connectedness with the world
  • ability to be effective communicators
  • build a strong sense of identity and
  • stimulate a sense of wellbeing
Educators observe daily through their reflective journals and by using critical reflective thinking are able to plan the next step to enhance children's learning. Staff regularly discuss each child's progress with parents / families throughout the year and encourage feedback wherever possible.

At Willy Wagtails we provide a program that caters to children's interests and abilities and believe the environment plays a role in children's learning.

Implementing a school readiness program in the Pelican room enables the children to develop their developmental skills in key learning areas such as literacy, numeracy and self help skills. By developing these skills each individual child's short and long term success at school will be enhanced. It is also a crucial stage to build positive relationships with each child as this is essential in developing their self esteem which will assist each child to make effective transitions from a childcare setting to school environments.


In early childhood education, the curriculum is not the focus, the children are. We feel that a meaningful, integrated emerging curriculum that incorporates "The Early Years Framework" is the most beneficial environment for children's learning across all developmental domains. Play is the main focus of learning as a basis for life skills.


The staff document the children's learning throughout the day, making observations at these various activities and developing experiences and plans for each child which are then added to the daily program. This is linked to the "Early Years Framework" and Quality Standards principles demonstrating how we achieve these goals. All observations are available for families to read each day in their child's portfolio which is displayed in the classroom. These portfolios go home with the child at the end of each year. A daily reflection sheet is also completed each day on our indoor and outdoor environments with a focus on small group and individuals.

We focus on six key areas to ensure children are ready for school and thrive during their first school year.

Literacy — using Ants in the Apple method which concentrates on the alphabet, the letter-sound collaboration/phonics. Engaging in pre-reading and writing experiences, experimenting with computers including use of the mouse and keyboard.

Numeracy — a strong understanding of basic mathematical concepts through practical hands on experiences.

Fine Motor — strength, control and coordination of the hand muscles for writing, cutting etc.

Language — speaking, listening, vocabulary and comprehension.

Intellectual — concentration, persistence, problem solving, memory, following instructions.

Emotional/Social - using PALS program showing respect, speaking confidently to peers and adults and to care for their belongings.

All activities are designed to be stimulating, challenging, engaging and fun!